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Hexagons 50 - 80 mm Flats 8 x 30 - 60 x 150 H-Beams 100 - 180 mm I-Beams 100 - 200 mm T-sections 75 - 140 mm Channels 100 - 200 mm Angles 80 x 80 x - 200 x 200 mm U-type sections for mine timbering 18U, 25U,29U Bundle/stack length 6 - 24 m Bundle/stack weight 2 - 5 t Furnace capacity 116/143 t/h Annual capacity 700,000 t/y Finishing speeds 6 m/s Material grades Carbon steels, Alloyed structural steel,Antifriction bearing steel Furnace group: Elevator (for hot charging), charging grate,weighscale, descaler, insulated holding tunnel Mill train: Single strand Roughing train 4 x Model 670, 1 x Model 760(V-H-HV-H) Intermediate train: 2 x Model 760, 4 x Model 670(H-H-H-UR-UR-HV) Finishing train: 5 x Model 670 (UR-HV-UR-HV-FUR) Associated shears Loopers: 4 x vertical Cooling bed group: Water cooling line, pinch roll unit Cooling bed shear Cooling bed 84 x 19 m Short-bar collecting device Continuous finishing shop In-line straightening machine (10 rollers) Hot saws: 1 x stationary, 1 x movable Abrasive cutting machines: 1 x fixed, 1 x movable Piling and stacking facilities (magnet-type) Tying machines: 2 x stationary, 2 x movable Various associated equipment, e.g. stoppers, chain transfers, roller tables. upto 150 x 150 x 12,000 mm Finished product: Wire rod 5.5 - 16 mm Rebars Nos. 3, 4 and 5 (as per ASTM) Coils 16 - 42 mm dia. Furnace capacity: 70 t/h Annual capacity: 300,000 t/y Finishing speeds: Wire rod line - 100 (120) m/s Bar in coil line - 13.5 m/s Material grades: Cold-heading steels Reinforcing steels Steels with a carbon content from low to medium Piano-wire PC-wire Free-cutting steel Water cooling line, pinch roll units, bar reels (2x), coil transfer,chain conveyor with retarded and accelerated cooling facilities, transfer unit to Power & Free coil handling system, Starting stock Billets 50 x 100 x 10,000 mm 125 x 125 x 11,400 mm Finished product Rod 5.5 - 13.5 mm dia. Bars 11 - 57 mm dia. Flads 22 - 120 mm, 5 - 12 mm thick Bundle/stack length 3 - 8.5 m Bundle/stack weight 0.5 - 3 (5) t Furnace capacity up to 60 t/h Material grades High-grade structural steels 34 Cr 4, 60 SiMn7, 42 CrMo4 Antifriction bearing steels 100 Cr 6, 100 Cr 2, 100 CrMo 7 3 Material grades Tool steels X 210 Cr 12, X 38 CrMoV 5 1, 55 CrNiMoVS 4 2 4 Acid-resistant and heat-resistant steels X 5 CrNiMo 18 11, X 2 CrNiMo 19 13,X 20 CrNiSi 25 4 High-speed steels X 79 Wco 18 5, X 82 W Mo 6 5 5 Special alloys X 55 CrMnNiN 20 8,X 45 CrSi 9 3 X 3 CrNiMoNbN 23 17 The complete range of steel grades includes approx. 300 different grades Furnace group: Charging grate, cross transfers, weighscale, descaler (2x), heatholding tunnel Mill train: Single strand, H/V - arrangement Roughing train: PSW and 6 x Model 440 Intermediate train: 4 x Model 440, 2 x Model 340 Finishing train: 4 x Model 340 Kocks-block 8-stand wire rod block for high grade steels 3 x 215/ 5 x 170 Associated shears Loopers: 7 x vertical, 1 x horizontal Cooling bed group: Water cooling line, pinch roll unit Cooling bed shear Cooling bed 57 x 5 m Continuous finishing shop: Abrasive cutting machine Piling and stacking facilities (non-magnet type) Tying machines: 1 x fi xed, 1 x movable various associated equipment, e.g. stoppers, chain transfers, roller tables etc. Rod finishing equipment: Water cooling and equalizing sections, pinch roll unit,laying head Ring conveyor for retarded and accelerated cooling reforming tub Pallet-type coil handling system, compacting & tying units,weighscale, unloading station Reel plant Water cooling and equalizing sections, Pinch roll units, Bar reels: 2 x, Transfer equipment to pallet-type coil handling system, Omsairam Steel & Alloys Pvt. 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